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The song of the Wind Rider

Ishaway's Journal

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acting, ancient cultures, animal skulls, animals, animated movies, animation, anime, anthropology, anthropomorphism, anthros, archery, art, astronomy, beast machines, beast wars, big cats, black leopards, books, calvin and hobbs, cartoons, cats, celtic art, celtic knotwork, celtic music, chivalry, clay, comics, computers, cryptozoology, cusco, dancing, dark chocolate, ddr, deer, dinosaurs, discovery channel, dragons, drawing, dream works, drums, dvds, escaflowne, fantasy, fantasy art, fiddle music, fire, firebringer, fjord horses, folk music, folklore, friesian horses, furries, furry, furry art, furry fandom, gaia online, ghibli studio, gilmore girls, glass fleet, gryphons, his dark materials, horse back riding, horses, illustration, internet, j-rock, japan, japanese language, jonny depp, ki-rins, kirins, leopards, literature, liz berry, marine life, mash, model alterations, model horses, movies, music, mythological creatures, mythology, narwhals, native american flute, nature, nature documentaries, nightmares, nightwish, noh plays, norway, paleolithic history, pegasi, phillip pullmen, plushies, poetry, pony, pre human history, prehistoric mammals, prisma colors, quaggas, reading, red deer, robin williams, role playing, roleplaying, root beer, rpgs, sci-fi, shape shifters, shi'rah, sleep theif, stags, stained glass, star trek, star trek voyager, stuffed animals, sword fighting, swords, symbolism, tarja, the china garden, the dral, the last unicorn, transformations, unicorn, unicorn mythology, unicorns, unicorns of belinor, video games, violin, water color, werewolves, within temptation, woodworking, xena, zelda